Community Health and Outreach Worker Program (CHOW)

outreach workerThe Community Health and Outreach Worker program at DFD Russell Medical Center encourages the collaboration and partnership of outreach workers, health educators and DFD patients as part of a patient’s primary health care team. Our outreach workers and health educators are dedicated to helping you understand and effectively navigate your own health and health care management.

How We Help

A CHOW’S official job is to help educate you about health care, support you through preventive screenings and chronic illness management, and help you reduce your need for emergent care services.

Our Comprehensive, personalized services include:

  • Offering health education
  • Providing access to primary care, behavioral health services, and preventive health care screenings for better management of chronic illness
  • Connecting you with medical coverage for services, medical visits, and prescription medications
  • Helping you sign up for health insurance
  • Arranging medical appointments and transportation
  • Providing supportive services in the comfort of you own home as needed. 

How much does CHOW cost?

DFD Russell has received funding in order to offer the Community Health & Outreach Worker services FREE of charge to our patients.

Who can use CHOW services?

All DFD Russell Medical Center patients who want or need help accessing health care services and preventive screenings can take advantage of the CHOW program.

We encourage you to consider using CHOW if…

  • You have not had a preventive health screening or completed your annual health care visit
  • You find it difficult to manage your chronic illness
  • You find yourself regularly using emergency care services such as the ER 

Why Use CHOW?

CHOW helps treat the whole person. At DFD Russell, we are committed to treating all of you – mind, body, and spirit. CHOW seeks to alleviate stress and confusion by providing peace of mind and understanding when it comes to your health and your care.

Our Community Health and Outreach Workers strive to:

  • Help you understand medication directions.
  • Provide direction and guidance regarding your current health insurance and preventative care services.
  • Support you with your insurance and medical assistance program paperwork.
  • Support you through the uncertainty and fear of treatment, testing, and their outcomes.
  • Give you peace of mind through the control of your medical environment and the receipt of excellent health care.
  • Alleviate any sadness, frustration, or distress.
  • Help you change old habits and establish self-management goals.



Cami Warren – (207)524-4074




Tia Knapp – (207)524-4010