Diabetes Management

Diabetes ManagementThe Diabetes Self-Management Education Program is designed to help patients understand the disease and learn to effectively manage it. Diabetes management education is an essential component of diabetes treatment. Patients will be taught self-care skills that will promote better management of their diabetes treatment regimen. With careful monitoring, patients can achieve and maintain good health despite their diabetic condition.

Our nursing staff will cover the following topics as needed:

  • Diabetes overview
  • Stress and psychosocial adjustment
  • Family involvement and social support
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise and activity
  • Medications
  • Monitoring and use of results
  • Relationships among acute and chronic complications
  • Foot, skin, and dental care
  • Behavior change strategies
  • Goal setting
  • Risk factor reduction and problem solving
  • Benefits, risks and management options for improving glucose control
  • Preconception care
  • Pregnancy and gestational diabetes
  • Use of health care systems and community resources