Spring Clean Your Health

You’ve scrubbed the floors, put away winter clothing and now it’s time to tidy up your health! Follow our tips below to give your health a fresh spring start.

Clean your home for your health:

Go through your medicine cabinet and safely dispose* of any prescription medications that are no longer in use or past their expiration date.

Wash your linens and blankets, and wipe down all smooth surfaces like ceiling fans to eliminate dust and pollen in your home. If you use forced air heating or air conditioning now is a great time to replace your furnace filters.

Go outside:

At the gym, people typically only spend about an hour or two exercising. Find an activity you enjoy outside, such as gardening, and you’ll find you might spend a whole afternoon getting in a natural workout.

Kill kitchen bacteria:

Your kitchen sink probably contains more E. coli than your toilet, and your sponge and dishtowels are breeding grounds for salmonella. Wipe down your kitchen regularly with a trusted cleaning solution. And don’t forget to regularly wash your reusable grocery bags, too!

Make an appointment with your primary care provider:

Many adults only visit the doctor when they’re sick. Make it a point to have regular check-ups with your primary care providers. Taking preventative measures now can prevent emergencies from happening later.


*Expired and unwanted medication is a significant public safety and health hazard. Androscoggin county hosts a drug take-back program every spring and fall. Visit healthyandroscoggin.org or call to talk to a DFD Community Health and Outreach Worker for more information.