Patient Assistance Program

The Patient Assistance Program is committed to eliminating financial barriers to care and increasing awareness of community and social services, which support access to quality health care. DFD Russell Medical Center’s Patient Assistance Coordinator can operate as a member of your health care team. One on one confidential assistance is available at each of our four community health center locations.

Providing the help you need, when you need it DFD’s Patient Assistance Program will help you with the following:

  • Health care coverage information and counseling
  • Financial assistance program information
  • Transportation services
  • Housing
  • Nutrition programs
  • Sliding fee for medical services
  • MaineCare application assistance
  • Medicare benefit counseling and enrollment assistance (including part D)
  • Social Security benefit counseling, application assistance and referral
  • Free medication assistance programs
  • 340B Bulk discount medications program access with free daily center delivery