Oral Health Care

b12288c8-1567-4d03-86c9-6c71d9c1ba2cBetter oral health means better overall health. DFD Russell Medical Centers are now providing dental care. A registered dental hygienist will provide dental cleanings, sealant placement, fluoride, and brushing instructions at select DFD Russell Medical Center locations throughout the year.

Why care for your teeth with DFD?

  • It’s convenient, accessible, and affordable.
  • One in five children have an untreated, decayed tooth; DFD is required to assess all children 6-9 years of age and apply protective sealant.
  • 75% of adults suffer from periodontal disease and don’t even know it.
  • Heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions are all linked to infections of the mouth.

Cash, Check or credit card are accepted for payment. MaineCare is accepted and a sliding scale is available. Dental Services are for established DFD patients only.

Sliding Fee Scale for Dental Services

If you are not covered by MaineCare or do not qualify for the sliding fee, the cost for a cleaning is as follows:

13 years and older: $52
12 years and younger: $42

Please call the office for availability