Oral Health Care

b12288c8-1567-4d03-86c9-6c71d9c1ba2cBetter oral health means better overall health. DFD Russell Medical Centers are now providing dental care. A registered dental hygienist will provide dental cleanings, sealant placement, fluoride, and brushing instructions at select DFD Russell Medical Center locations throughout the year.

Why care for your teeth with DFD?

  • It’s convenient, accessible, and affordable.
  • One in five children have an untreated, decayed tooth; DFD is required to assess all children 6-9 years of age and apply protective sealant.
  • 75% of adults suffer from periodontal disease and don’t even know it.
  • Heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions are all linked to infections of the mouth.

Upcoming Dates, Locations, Times:

July 9: Turner Health Center, 7 Main Street. 9 am – 4pm

July 10: Leeds Health Center, 180 Church Hill Road. 9 am – 4pm

August 9: Monmouth Health Center, 11 Academy Road. 9am – 4pm

August 10: Leeds Health Center, 180 Church Hill Road. 9 am – 4pm