COVID-19 Updates

The health and safety of our patients, staff, and community are of the highest priority to DFD Russell Medical Centers.

We are committed to taking all necessary precautions to actively reduce the risk of further transmission of COVID-19 in our community. Please reference this page and our Facebook page for updates regarding COVID-19.

COVID Vaccine Information as of 2/17/21:

DFD Russell Medical Center anticipates receiving an additional 100 doses of COVID-19 Vaccine for our patients who are over 70 years of age. If we do in fact receive a shipment from Maine CDC we will be holding a clinic, by appointment only, on Saturday February 27, 2021. Due to the limited supply, and uncertainty of when we will receive additional doses, we are scheduling appointments for 2/27/21 on a 1st come 1st booked until we reach the 100. We will update this website weekly. If we are not able to schedule you for 2/27/21 due to limited slots the Maine CDC website for public vaccination locations lists other locations where vaccine is available or you can call 211 for more information.

COVID Vaccine Information as of 2/15/21:

DFD Russell Medical Center has received a limited amount of COVID-19 Vaccine for our patients who are over 70 years of age and have the highest risk chronic conditions. We will be calling those patients this week to schedule appointments for a vaccine clinic. Due to the limited supply, and uncertainty of when we will receive additional doses, we are not taking names for a waiting list. We will update this website weekly. If patients have not received a call, and would like a vaccine, please review the Maine CDC website for public vaccination locations  or call 211.


We are committed to keeping our communities safe by reducing the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19. While there are vaccines available in the state of Maine, supplies are limited. DFD Russell does not currently have a vaccine supply at this time due to State allocations to hospitals exclusively.

Based on Maine’s phased vaccine roll-out plan, we are currently in Phase 1a. Persons matching the criteria and who are eligible for a vaccine at this time include healthcare personnel, residents and staff of long-term care facilities, public safety personnel, and COVID-19 Response Personnel.

DFD does not have access to vaccines and are not scheduling appointments for vaccinations. To learn more visit the links below:

To learn which phase you are in, click here. (

If you are eligible to receive a vaccine based on the requirements of Phase 1a, visit the list of available vaccine sites here.(

If you have high-risk medical conditions, you may be eligible for a vaccine in upcoming Phase 1b. Check here for details. (

DFD will provide patients with a copy of their medical conditions list for which they are being treated in order to obtain a vaccine in Phase 1b. Patients can either print it from their Patient Portal or can obtain a copy by calling the office and completing a release form. DFD will not be writing individual letters of medical necessity.

DFD will provide updates as new information becomes available.



DFD Russell Medical Centers may be limited in the ability to test those concerned for risk of coronavirus exposure in the absence of symptoms.  As testing supplies are, at times, in short order, we must prioritize how they are used to ensure we have the ability to test when needed and if the demand increases in our area.  We may not always be capable of meeting the demand for travelers. Tests at DFDRMC require an office visit in addition to the test. Below are two website links that will direct you to a nearby independent testing site that will utilize the Executive Standing Order for testing in the State of Maine.  Please contact us with any other questions.”

The website links are listed below in case you would like to paste them in your browser.  

Access the state of Maine site through DHHS with some background information:


Enter zip code you live in and it will give you all available locations close to you:


To protect DFD staff and our vulnerable patients from the spread of communicable diseases, DFD will be taking the following precautions:

DFD will continue to see patients in Leeds and Turner on a reduced schedule. We require all patients wear a mask regardless of the reason for your visit. We will not allow individuals into the buildings without a mask.

Upon your arrival at DFD, please ring the doorbell. We will be screening patients at the door prior to their appointment, which includes taking your temperature and asking a series of questions. If an exam room is ready, you will be brought to one immediately. If not, we ask that you wait in your vehicle until one is available. Please note, we are limiting the number of people who enter our building; only the patient or the patient and a guardian will be permitted to enter.

Monmouth continues to be closed to well-care and is seeing those with respiratory illness only. We are not accepting walk-ins or taking paperwork to be completed at this time at any of our locations.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these uncertain times.



Until further notice, DFD patients who have respiratory symptoms will be seen exclusively in our Monmouth location to minimize staff exposure and conserve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). No well visits, behavioral health, or lab draws will be seen in Monmouth.

If your regular provider is located in Monmouth you can still receive care at our other locations and they will coordinate with their colleagues to keep you healthy.

Any chronic care or other face-to-face visits will be seen in either Leeds or Turner. Patients will be screened at the door for fever or respiratory symptoms.

All lab draws in Leeds and Turner will also be given an appointment time due to reduced staffing and the need to ensure we do not leave patients waiting in the waiting rooms.

We no longer have evening hours in any location and this will be the final weekend of office hours for the next 30 days. We will continue to have a provider on call to answer questions.

Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to care for our patients and staff while social distancing.

TeleHealth and Virtual Visits by Phone:

DFD Russell is working to expand access to most primary care and ALL behavioral health services by tele-medicine over the next several weeks.

Our goal is to continue to serve our patients by phone or computer to minimize disruption to care. Things are changing rapidly. Please understand our teams are working as quickly as possible to secure the technology and train staff in its use. We will continue to triage calls and determine the best way to safely meet patient needs.


DFD is putting additional safety measures in place and will be screening all patients who have a scheduled visit prior to having them enter the buildings. Please ring the doorbell and a staff member will meet you at the door.

Additionally, we are limiting visitors to those with scheduled appointments only. Family members will be asked to wait in their cars as we are trying to avoid leaving people in the waiting room or having more people in the exam rooms than necessary.

We will not be taking walk-ins for any reason (including paperwork or to schedule) please call ahead.