In Memoriam

Dr. John P. MeserveJohn Meserve MD

DFD Russell is extremely saddened by the untimely loss of Dr. John P. Meserve, a practitioner at our Monmouth location. Dr. Meserve died unexpectedly in an early-morning car accident on his way to work Thursday, Nov. 17.

More than anything, Dr. Meserve loved his family, friends, and his profession. Over his 30-year career, he cared for thousands of patients from Kennebunk to Millinocket, Portland and Monmouth. He was the type of doctor who truly listened to his patients and even made house calls.

Dr. Meserve practiced family medicine as a board-certified physician and was known in his community as a caring and knowledgeable medical provider. He touched many lives and will be truly missed by his DFD Russell Medical Center colleagues and patients.

Dr. Meserve was born in 1955 in Gardiner to William M. Meserve and Kathleen Kiley Meserve. He grew up with his two brothers, Michael and David, and many loving friends. John is survived by his wife; his brothers; his four children; his two grandchildren, Johan and Charlie; his daughter-in-law, Annette; and his sons-in-law, Joseph and Nicholas